3 Ways To Rock Athleisure Trend Like A PRO

Activewear is no longer limited to your workout sessions!

Nowadays, we can no longer look in one direction without seeing anyone donning those vibrant yoga pants or leggings paired with a matching cropped and baggy upper. They're spreading across the world like a wildfire as a modern fashion statement— so there's no more telling who's just left a dance studio and who hasn't!

More than ever, our increasingly hectic lifestyle demands comfortable and functional clothing. Of course, abandoning style is simply not an option, so how do we combine fashion and purpose together to create a chic yet wearable look? Athleisure is the answer to that. Bringing breakthrough into your daily wear, sports-wear blurs the boundaries between the clothes you'd wear in the gym and those you'd carry for lunch. So whether you're going toa yoga studio or hitting the road, your Activewearis sure to serve you right. With no more need to lug around changing clothes or battling in the heels for a long day, it's no wonder why this thriving industry keeps getting bigger and better.


It's a term often used to address fashionable activewear: Looking fit during your workout or just flaunting it casually around town.

To make things a tad bit easy, we have compiled a styling guide for you with 3 Signature looks that you can don as part of Athleisure– with inputs straight from our designer's desk

Look 1: Ushering in the Rainbow

This cropped top Tee with a matching loose fit bottom and clasping lower is everything you need to vaunt a gymer's look with aplomb! The multi-colour outfit oozes out vibrancy and energy that is sure to make your workout worthwhile.

And, even when you are not practising your Asanas, the ensemble is perfect to carry as casual wear that is sure to brighten you up while making the heads turn at the same time.

Besides, a co-od top and bottom always look uber chic— And, the riot of colours makes it stand out further.

Finally, put on your favourite sneakers and tie up the hair to complete the look!

Look 2: It's time to bleed blue!

Our next outfit on the list is a deep sky blue baggy Athleisure comprising coordinating full-sleeved Tee and bottom. The highlight of this unique outfit has to be its signature monochromatic tone that latches on— albeit loosely, and brings out your personality so beautifully. The trademark laid back blue tone gives a distinctive 'cool' dimension to this activewear bringing out the utter simplicity of the outfit.

Neatly clasped arms and feet with a soft elastic further add a certain definition and functionality to the entire ensemble, accentuating your frame without compromising a wee bit on the comfort level.

So, whether you are headed for a gyming concourse, tennis session, yoga class, or a casual outing to a nearby mall, the activewear is sure to make you shine nice and bright, throughout. A contrasting footwear/sneaker, side sling, and a need plait will highlight your style further.

Look 3: Comfort is a new style statement.

Having no time to look for your workout outfit is a rather popular reason (or should we say excuse) for skipping the drill! By rocking this super comfy peanut brown Athleisure workout outfit during the day, you can leap into your workout sesh at any time!

The outfit comprises of coordinating baggy upper with a straight fit lower. A snuggly hoodie, signature arm styling, and front pockets are the major highlights that emphasize the top, while the bottom is your regular track pant with two side pockets and trademark drawstrings to adjust the fitting. White or any other light-coloured sneakers are sure to stand out with this ensemble.

Nail The Sporty Look By Merging Functionality With Fashion— both in terms of the athletic pieces you purchase and how you incorporate them into your daily ensemble. By mixing fashion styles such as jeans, leather jackets or heels with activewear pieces such as sneakers, pyjama pants or baggy crop tops, you'll create a well-balanced look. Similarly, by keeping an eye out for athleisure pieces that are comfortable and sport-inspired and yet trendy and chic, you'll be sure to invest in just the right ensemble. High-performance fabric combined with on-trend aesthetics is a great choice in particular.