Boho Chic Fashion | Going Sauve In Style-4 Looks That You Must Try This Fall

If you believe yourself a bit of a gipsy soul, then Boho fashion is the perfect way to convey your minimal, earthy, and creative persona.

The boho-chic trend was a full-on rage in the late '60s and early '70s and has been revived in recent years by celebrities such as Kate Moss, Olsen Twins, and Sienna Miller. They championed this natural look and applied their own touch of glam and glitter to gracefully pull off a hippie-luxury expression.

No doubt, boho's fun to wear, but how do you model it without looking like still frozen in the '70s? Here's how to dress up the boho style without feeling like an old hippie.

Look 1 | Flow Freely With Crimson Boho Upper

Comfy, loose-fitting, flowing fabrics are a staple of the boho vibe, so the easiest way to get a look is to try out our flowy Crimson upper with palm tree detailing and distinctive sleeves to amp-up your style quotient.

You're going to look more boho-chic than old hippie if you concentrate on two things: fabric quality and size. The trendiest scarf tops from Cover Looks are made of premium quality, lightweight fabrics. Choose one that's silky smooth, linen clean, or chiffon-like, with well finished at the ends.

Match this Crimson top with contrasting shorts and a comfy pair of sneakers or sandals to complete the look. A cross-body satchel and a bunch of colourful beady bracelets to go along are sure to accentuate the boho appeal further.

Look 2: Funky print kaftan Top To Add a Punch of Boho Twist.

A Boho outfit is all about creative expression and includes a lot of quirky prints that are wild, vibrant and free-flowing.

Look for pieces that feature eye-catching impressions in contrasting colours when you want to celebrate your boho side. This incredible funky print kaftan top from Cover Looks has an earthy base embellished with quirky prints oozing a warm boho feel. You can easily lift the look with a sleek clutch and patent leather sandals that look more trendy and boho-chic.

Look 3: Boho-Chic Beige Top With Dainty Thread Work

Retro-inspired tee with thread work and wide scoop neckline in an oversized, slouchy silhouette is all that you need to pull off a boho-chic look in style. The intricate embroidery detail amps-up the delicacy quotient making it a cute ensemble to pair up with contrasting shorts and trademark leatherette boho sandals and satchel.

Big chunks of handmade jewellery in organic materials such as leather, turquoise, beads and precious gems bring this look to life. Hoop and long fringe earrings are iconic boho fashion. The more original the piece, the better it is. Don't shy away from volume or mix n matching patterns and colour— Boho is eclectic.

Look 4: Up & down Kimono hem tie up top to Amp-up your style.

The upper looks super funky for summer— no wonder it's are all over the place and a must-have wardrobe addition this season. The Kimono with a distinctive blue base and flowery embroidery work on top is a perfect dream.

Ideal for a beachy setting,and yeah not to miss the festival. If you tend to wear a lot of shorts but always feel a tad more comfortable with something covering you up from the blazing sun or freezing air conditioning— this boho-chic ensemble is for you!

The embroidery work with flowery details is simply amazing— besides those bell sleeves, and neck tie knot is a total dream. We suggest you add a touch of fringe to accentuate the look— a cute bag, denim capris with fringe highlights, or even fringe earrings can do the job of lifting the look pretty well.