Sporting A Sequined Party Wear? Understanding Fundamental Rules & How To Break Free

Big congrats on adding a shimmering little sequin thing to your wardrobe! Now it's time for you to venture outside and get noticed. But how much lustre is too much of it? What are the basic rules for wearing sequins?

And because life is supposed to be fun, particularly when you dress in sparkle, how do you BREACH those rules? Let us get you all the right answers to help you pull off a sparkling stunner!

Rule # 1: Sequin apparel IS no less than an accessory.

Flaunting this super-sexy bodycon Black and Maroon shimmery ensemble means that you won't need to carry another shred of something even close to sparkly.

All in all, this glittering outfit is performing double duty— The boat neck full sleeved haute couture leaves no space for glitzy bracelets or jazzy neckpieces, and yet cloaking you up in the most flashy and glamorous way possible.

A simplistic stiletto or an ankle strap, preferably in black is probably everything you need to complete the look.

Rule # 2: Layering it right

It's not often that you wear this super flashy silver sequined U neckline spaghetti bodycon unless you frequent quite a lot of movie premieres or often trot at the famous Met Galas!

But when you do, bear in mind that a sequined dress itself is a lot of shimmer. And, if you're not a celebrity, odds are you'll be layering it. So if you need a jacket or a shrug, like in case of this spaghetti dress, never go with a sequined one— Even if it was tailor-made to fit your glamorous dress.

Rule # 3: Carrying Your Sequins Right

When you decide to sport this uber sensual silver sequin strappy bodycon, Rule # 3 is going to come handy in maintaining the class and delicate balance to pull off a stunner.

Keeping your footwear neutral doesn't necessarily imply a neutral shade. This silvery outfit POPS out when paired with black pumps and a black purse.

Or red shoes, silver shoes or even electric blue boots— You've got the idea.

Neutral here only means no sequins, glitter, stones, gems or other bling on your shoes AT ALL while accessorising sequin clothes. (Though colour-neutral heels is a smart option if your sequined dress is a strong coloured or a patterned one.)

The rule applies to your bag too.

If it's a clutch, a satchel, a Birkin or even a tote, ensure it has no bling on it and is not glossy in any way (including any ilk's patent leather).

And if you wear a sequin dress with a coloured design, and your bag has a different pattern, coloured or otherwise the conflict would be Colossal. It's safest to stick strictly with NO-BLING options.

Rule # 4: Keeping the makeup light

This black bodycon with a netty sequined pattern is sure to make you a mingling marvel at the next holiday party. Flashy black fabric dazzles this body-hugging silhouette, while the netted neckline and sequined sleeves enhance its allure. But in order to bring its complete magic out, you need to keep your makeup absolutely subtle!

Predominantly, Sequined dresses have been outfits for stage performers—and the people who imitate them.

Subtle makeup, by definition, had (and still has) no room in either setting.

Now, owing to the wonders of contemporary textile industry, sequins have also dominated the worlds of designer fashion and daily wear.

You'll find them not only on European runways, but also on bags, boots, caps, tees, denim, swimsuits, gym apparel, and streetwear.

Glitz has gone mainstream, and is often seen offering a touch of sparkle everywhere.

But if what you are carrying is a sequined bodycon, the shimmer is the biggest feature of your outfit (check Rule #1 again). And unless you're on your way to the stage, under the bright lights, with your audience 20 feet or more apart, your makeup should be as low-key as practicable.